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Asphalt Rejuvenator

Asphalt rejuvenators were first introduced to address the issues of premature pavement failures on airport runways. Over time, asphalt rejuvenators have become an effective tool in extending the service life of commercial, industrial, and residential pavements. When compared to water-based sealcoating, rejuvenators have been found to be longer lasting, more durable and offer greater value over the life of the pavement. Why sealcoat, when you can rejuvenate?


Garden State Sealing is proud to have been the first asphalt rejuvenator applicator in the state of New Jersey with more than two decades of experience.  When you make the proactive decision to protect your asphalt investment, make the decision to not just seal, but to rejuvenate while you seal!

Rejuvenator parkinglot.jpg
Rejuvenator airport1.jpg
Rejuvenator airport2.jpg
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