Bridge Deck Repairs

Bridge decks have a long lifespan and are  designed to withstand a specific weight and amount of traffic.  Along with this anticipated  deterioration , cracking plays a key role in accelerating the deck's need for repair or maintenance.

Cracks create a path for water and deicing salts to penetrate the deck and can lead to corrosion of the bridge’s reinforcing steel. Whenever possible, having a bridge deck sealed will greatly lessen bridge deck repairs.

Surtreat TPS II is a  surface applied corrosion inhibitor for use on typical hardened concrete. It will protect reinforcing steel in concrete from corrosion by penetrating the concrete surface and migrating to the steel.

 Techcrete is a resin based flexible concrete repair material.used to repair cracks, spalls, pop-outs, failed joints and most types of defects in concrete surfaces.

East End Avenue Bridge

Black Chip Seal Overlay

Bridge Deck Sealing

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