Why Asphalt Rejuvenator should be specified in your bid scope…

Normal asphalt use and weathering over the years takes its toll on asphalt which is an oil-based product. During this process, the asphalt is stripped of its essential oils and binders. Without these components, the asphalt loses its strength and flexibility and becomes dry and brittle leading to cracking and eventually, asphalt failure.

Oil based, Asphalt Rejuvenator is a chemical reintroduction of these lost oils and binders in order to breathe life back into the asphalt. In addition, coal tar constituents within the Asphalt Rejuvenator allow it to act as a sealant by forming a layer over the existing asphalt; offering a physical barrier to further protect the asphalt from the elements. Combined, these components rejuvenate and protect to further extend the life cycle of asphalt.

Traditional water based coal tar emulsions seal the asphalt at the surface in order to prevent further damage but do not improve asphalt life span. Sealcoating is a good option however water based sealers do not penetrate the asphalt and do not reintroduce lost oils and binders.

Additional benefits of sealer/rejuvenators include:

  • Protection from ultra violet rays.
  • Resistance to petroleum products.
  • Rejuvenators produce a measurable change in the asphalt make up.
  • Rejuvenators increase the flexibility of the asphalt surface

Garden State Sealing is proud to have been the first Asphalt Rejuvenator applicator in the state with more than a decade of experience with commercial residential, municipal and federal properties.

When you make the proactive decision to protect your asphalt investment, make the better decision to not just seal, but to REJUVENATE while you seal!


*Click here for Rejuvenator Spec Sheet



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