Winter Services

Garden State Sealing is an experienced snow and ice management provider. In fact, for the last six years, GSS has been the primary snow and ice management provider for the NJ State Police 911 Call Center, as well as the NJ State Police Regional Operations Intelligence Center. Both of these properties are 24 hour operations, which must remain open at all times.

Garden State Sealing at all times strives for safe and slip free parking areas and walkways, however, it is understood that a slip free condition cannot be achieved 100% of the time across 100% of the property. Garden State Sealing employs it’s best efforts to ensure the safety of employees and visitors at your property.

Garden State Sealing provides snow and ice services to:

  • Office Buildings
  • Large Retail Shopping Centers
  • Industrial Complexes
  • NJ State Police
  • NJ Department of Treasury
  • NJ DOT




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